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Bald is Beautiful

Have you ever thought of shaving your head in support of a friend, a family member, or a loved one going through cancer treatment?

Some of you may already know this (or not), treatment options for advanced forms of cancer include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy. Chemotherapy in particular, causes hair loss. Here’s why – chemotherapy targets ALL rapidly dividing cells and hair follicles divide every 23 to 72 hours, so while chemotherapy works hard against rapidly dividing cancer cells, it also damages hair follicles.

Introducing BALD & BEAUTIFUL 4.0, a triannual fundraising campaign conducted in partnership with My Starfish Foundation to:

  • Raise funds for cancer related NGOs;
  • Accelerate the advancement of cancer research; and
  • Support cancer patients and their families

Part of expressing support is standing in solidarity with cancer patients. It is an opportunity to harness the courage cancer patients so fearlessly gather and gracefully exercise, and to some degree, experience the isolation and blank stares they encounter living in a messy world. Hair loss can be traumatic. Like many of us, the hair on our heads is a huge part of our identity. Losing it often makes us feel exposed, vulnerable, self-conscious.

Well, BALD is BEAUTIFUL is our way of making a statement! It’s our way to take a stand!

Because of the funds raised through previous Bald and Beautiful campaigns, we have moved forward in translating research results into new treatment options for Asian cancer patients. The Bald and Beautiful campaigns is the only source of funding for Cancer Research Malaysia’s clinical trials unit – a research unit dedicated to translating discoveries in the lab into new treatment options.

  • We launched a new clinical trial testing immunotherapy in Asian breast cancer patients, specifically testing whether a common genetic variant found in 60% of Asians may predict response to immunotherapy, and our early results are promising!
  • We developed a new way of identifying breast cancer patients who may benefit from a new form of targeted therapy [called PARP inhibitors] and will be running trials in early 2022.
  • We developed a new treatment blend option that may benefit Asian head and neck cancer patients, potentially paving the way for an effective treatment combination that may have fewer side effects in Asian patients.

So, while Asians only make up 10% of global cancer research – we are playing our part! We are making a difference! We are ensuring Asians are not left out in the fight against cancer!

Join us and play your part and be the HOPE tomorrow needs! Contribute towards accelerating the advancement of cancer research and support cancer patients and their families.

Head on over to the My Starfish Foundation website to register and support this amazing cause!

Pssstt…also check out our weekly webinars as part of our Bald & Beautiful campaign. Follow our social media handles for more information.

Be bold, be beautiful!

One leukemia survivor described how she felt when her classmates and family members shaved their heads together. “It was so fun, and it made it so much easier to be a bald kid surrounded by other beautiful bald kids! I still get a little teary thinking about the love and support I felt that day.”

There is great joy to live a life on a mission as a community! You matter, join our fight. Towards a future free of the fear of cancer!


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