Immunotherapy for breast cancer patients because of a variant common in Asians?

Did you know that if we didn’t have active immune systems, most of us could get cancers?

Do you believe in MaGiC?

Increasing genetic counselling availability so people know their risks and can take measures to improve their survival rate. 

The first Malaysian-made oral cancer vaccine!

65% of all oral cancer patients are of Asian descent.

Professor Dr Cheong wins international award for her work in oral cancer!

Our very own Professor Cheong is recognised for her work in oral cancer.

Dr Annie Chai has been awarded the Dr Ranjeet Bhagwan Singh Research Grant 2021!

Dr Annie has been working to improve the survival for oral cancer patients.

Which woman is at higher risk of breast cancer?

This new study narrows down the genes that matter.

Malaysian scientists discover 3 things we never knew about Asian breast cancers

We now have more data on Asian breast cancers than ever before.

The Movember MANual

A guide to the most common cancers in Malaysian men.

What is your breast cancer risk score?

Genetic tool predicts breast cancer risk in Asians.

Our scientists use Nobel Prize winning genetic scissors to fight oral cancer

In our effort to find a cure for this Asian cancer.

These frontliners help cancer patients beat the odds

Making sure no breast cancer patient gets left behind.

Employee 001 celebrates 20 years at Cancer Research Malaysia

Our first staff shares her journey of hard work and perseverance.

Can soy prevent breast cancer?

We started The MiSO Study to find out if soy could be a simple solution to breast cancer.

1 in 4 breast cancer patients are in crisis, and they need your help

How did MCO affect breast cancer patients and what did we do to address this?

Malaysians do 100 #Burpees4Aida on Cancer Survivors Day

Cancer warrior raised RM16k for cancer research!​

“They never gave up on me.”

A cancer survivor talks about the toughest journey of her life.

6 cancer patients share what keeps them going

Having cancer is tough. Having cancer amidst COVID-19 and MCO is even tougher.


We’re almost half of the world’s cancer cases.
But in less than 10% of the research.
Help us change the stats.
Support lifesaving cancer research in Asians.

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