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Everyone has a cancer story

We all know someone whose life has been touched by cancer, it could be our family members, our friends, or even that nice aunty that sells nasi lemak on the weekends. Cancer has quickly become a part of our lives without us realising it. And in order to stay one step ahead of cancer, we need reliable information and guidance.

So to combat the lack of information on cancers, the Union for International Cancer Control had set up World Cancer Day to bring awareness to the different types of cancers that plague us.

Information from

Why is research required?

To put it simply, there is still a lot about cancer that we don’t completely understand. And the more we know will enable us to develop new technologies and remedies to fight back against the disease. 

Cancer research is crucial to provide:

  • Better prevention 
  • Early and accurate detection
  • Improved and more effective treatments

Research in cancer looks to ensure that survivors can live longer with better quality of life. And while treatment options has expanded in the recent years, we believe that there is still more work that can be done to provide us with the best results.

How Cancer Research Malaysia is closing the gap?

While everyday, more and more research is being done on cancers, the reality is, most of that research is done on populations that don’t reflect us. It is known that Asians and European have different factors that contribute to our individual likelihoods of developing cancer, such as our genetics, lifestyle, environments and many others.

So, this means that detection and treatment options that has been developed in Western countries might not be as effective here.

How YOU can close the gap?

Cancer is not a burden on one person or organisation, but rather is one that everyone and anyone can play a role in helping out. Here are some ways in which you can support the fight against cancer:

  • Read up and share knowledge. Protecting yourself and your loved ones with what we do know about cancers will help with cancer prevention or early detection.
  • Raise awareness. Help by spreading accurate knowledge the different cancers and their symptoms.
  • Health lifestyle. Leading a healthy lifestyle will support in boosting your immune system which can prevent cancer development.
  • Donate
  • Fundraise

Listen to our very own Prof. Datin Paduka Dr. Teo Soo-Hwang, talk about what’s next for us on a BFM interview in conjunction with World Cancer Day.

You may be surprised that a non-profit organisation in Malaysia is leading cancer research in Asians. But we can’t do it alone! We rely on your support to ensure the fight against cancer doesn’t miss Asians – especially Malaysians. If you’re an individual, it only takes RM10/month to help save lives, and if you’re a company, RM100/month can make a difference for Asian cancer patients.


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