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Empowering Students: Supporting Cancer Research through Terry Fox Run 

   Five months have passed since Cancer Research Malaysia (CRMY) organised the Terry Fox Run (TFR) in Kepong Metropolitan Park, yet Terry Fox’s story continues to inspire people, emphasising the importance of cancer and its research. For David Hornby, an experienced educator, organising the TFR is nothing new. Having previously organised the event in ShanghaiContinue reading “Empowering Students: Supporting Cancer Research through Terry Fox Run “

Behind the Scenes: Exploring CRMY’s Core Laboratory Unit

Cancer Research Malaysia (CRMY) houses nine science units, each serving a unique purpose ranging from laboratory research to social engagement initiatives. Today, we would like to highlight the Core Laboratory Unit and provide insight into the important work we do. CRMY’s Head of the Core Laboratory Unit, Dr Joanna Lim, will be taking us throughContinue reading “Behind the Scenes: Exploring CRMY’s Core Laboratory Unit”

2022 Recap #flashback

CRMY Milestones and Achievements in 2022 In a blink of an eye, we are in 2023. For the past few years, the world was hit with COVID-19 and the impact was similar, if not worse, than the Spanish flu (1918 – 1920). Most of us lived in uncertainty, with a number of questions hanging overContinue reading “2022 Recap #flashback”

Up Close & Personal with Dr. Sindhu

Do you realise that some of life’s greatest pleasures happened to be a combination of 2 things.? For instance, brownie + cookie, beauty + brain, hydrogen + oxygen, sun + rain. Together, they created something amazing and rather joyful. Similar to our young and talented scientist, Dr Senthilmani Rajendran or warmly known as Dr Sindhu,Continue reading “Up Close & Personal with Dr. Sindhu”

A Granddaughter’s Love for her ‘Ahma’ 

          The loss of a loved one is a natural, universally experienced life event and at the same time, among life’s most challenging experiences. Even though sometimes we’re not close to them or knew it was fate, it doesn’t make it any easier or less hurtful in saying goodbye. Losing someone to cancer, however, isContinue reading A Granddaughter’s Love for her ‘Ahma’ 

5 minutes with our volunteer, Wani

Q: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself? My name is Nurul Rahwani Binti Razlye, from Ampang and I turn 18 this year. I attended Seri Puteri Science Secondary School (SESERI) where I took on the Science stream such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics among other subjects. My favourite pastimes consists of readingContinue reading “5 minutes with our volunteer, Wani”

Up Close & Personal with Dr. Annie Chai

Perseverance. Patience. Passion.    Do you recall who you wanted to be in secondary school vs the person you are today? As teenagers, our ambitions were influenced by our teachers, family, friends and the media. Fast forward a decade later, most of us ended up doing the opposite of our original intention. Some people wantedContinue reading “Up Close & Personal with Dr. Annie Chai”

I Still Believe in Magic!

Did you know that 1 in 9 ovarian cancer patients developed the disease because of a faulty gene they inherited from their mother or father? Unfortunately, most Malaysians are not aware of their inherited risk and very few have access to genetic counselling and genetic testing services. These services can help patients choose more effective treatmentContinue reading “I Still Believe in Magic!”

Happy International Nurses Day!

“A nurse is not what you do. It is what you are…. I am a nurse. It’s not what I do, it’s what I am.” This International Nurses Day on May 12th, we celebrate our nurses who work tirelessly and give sacrificially to make a difference in countless lives. Through the eyes of our ownContinue reading “Happy International Nurses Day!”

International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Let’s give a shoutout to all the amazing scientists and researchers that put their all into their work everyday and do their part in the fight against cancer! This International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we had the chance to interview a few of our researchers and got their opinions on some frequentlyContinue reading “International Day of Women and Girls in Science”