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How Cancer Inspired A Dancer

Oftentimes, people stay fit to stay healthy. Some even stay fit out of pure vanity. Why not, right? Because everyone has their own reason. But how many people stay fit to prepare themselves when they fall ill.? Let’s admit it. Most of us don’t think that far ahead because we never thought about falling sickContinue reading “How Cancer Inspired A Dancer”

#CancerSurvivorsMonth: “They never gave up on me.”

“The journey was not easy. I had no food to feed my children. I was in financial crisis. I am illiterate. I completed my cancer treatment because they never gave up on me. Their presence during the toughest journey of my life will not be forgotten till my last breath. It was very difficult andContinue reading “#CancerSurvivorsMonth: “They never gave up on me.””

6 cancer patients share what keeps them going

Having cancer is tough. Having cancer amidst COVID-19 and MCO is even tougher. We asked 6 breast cancer patients what keeps them going. These are their stories. *Patients are part of our Patient Navigation Programme, a collaboration between Cancer Research Malaysia, the Ministry of Health, doctors, nurses, and community partners, to improve survivorship – byContinue reading “6 cancer patients share what keeps them going”