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Employee 001 celebrates 20 years at Cancer Research Malaysia

Meet Cancer Research Malaysia’s employee 001. Yoon Sook Yee first heard of a cancer research set-up in Malaysia back in 2000 and was immediately drawn to a wonderful opportunity. She decided to pursue the opportunity and after 20 years of hard work, she is now one of two credentialed genetic counsellors in the country!   In this interview, Sook-Yee shares her journey of hard work and perseverance as well as her belief that Malaysians have what it takes toContinue reading “Employee 001 celebrates 20 years at Cancer Research Malaysia”

Can soy prevent breast cancer?

We wanted to see if soy could act as a dietary intervention to prevent breast cancer. So, we started The MiSO (Malaysian Soy Mammographic Density) Study. 1. Why soy?  Researchers have been studying the anti-cancer properties of soy since 1991. In countries such as Japan and China, normal soy isoflavone consumption is about 50-75mg/day (thatContinue reading “Can soy prevent breast cancer?”

1 in 4 breast cancer patients are in crisis, and they need your help

New data released by Cancer Research Malaysia’s Patient Navigation Programme (PNP) shows 25% of breast cancer patients were in crisis during COVID-19 and MCO. 1. What is PNP? Late presentation and poor access to treatment is linked to half of the breast cancer deaths in Malaysia and Cancer Research Malaysia’s Patient Navigation Programme seeks toContinue reading “1 in 4 breast cancer patients are in crisis, and they need your help”

#CancerSurvivorsMonth: “They never gave up on me.”

“The journey was not easy. I had no food to feed my children. I was in financial crisis. I am illiterate. I completed my cancer treatment because they never gave up on me. Their presence during the toughest journey of my life will not be forgotten till my last breath. It was very difficult andContinue reading “#CancerSurvivorsMonth: “They never gave up on me.””

6 cancer patients share what keeps them going

Having cancer is tough. Having cancer amidst COVID-19 and MCO is even tougher. We asked 6 breast cancer patients what keeps them going. These are their stories. *Patients are part of our Patient Navigation Programme, a collaboration between Cancer Research Malaysia, the Ministry of Health, doctors, nurses, and community partners, to improve survivorship – byContinue reading “6 cancer patients share what keeps them going”

Malaysians do 100 #Burpees4Aida on Cancer Survivors Day​

Image courtesy of Meet Aida, a cancer warrior who is inspiring many people to do burpees for cancer research in Malaysia.​ 1. Who is Aida?  Aida was diagnosed with Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma, a rare form of salivary gland cancer in 2010 and has since been working with and supporting Cancer Research Malaysia on multiple cancer awarenessContinue reading “Malaysians do 100 #Burpees4Aida on Cancer Survivors Day​”