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I Still Believe in Magic!

Did you know that 1 in 9 ovarian cancer patients developed the disease because of a faulty gene they inherited from their mother or father? Unfortunately, most Malaysians are not aware of their inherited risk and very few have access to genetic counselling and genetic testing services. These services can help patients choose more effective treatment and enable family members to access essential screening and prevention.

One year on, we revisit our MaGiC research study to reflect and share the impact that this study continues to generate.

First, a quick recap…

MaGiC (which stands for “Mainstreaming Genetic Counselling for Genetic Testing of BRCA1 and BRCA2 in Ovarian Cancer Patients in Malaysia”) is a study by Cancer Research Malaysia (CRMY) in collaboration with geneticists, gynaecologists, and oncologists from across Malaysia to enable nationwide access to genetic risk counselling in order to ensure patients and family members are aware of their genetic risk.

Presently, here are several ways MaGiC continues to create tangible impact, through the eyes of doctors on the ground:

1. Greater Access

“The reality is 1 in 9 Malaysian ovarian cancer patients are at risk of developing other forms of cancer. In the past, genetic counselling was only available in major cities, but through Cancer Research Malaysia’s efforts, patients now have the opportunity to know their genetic risk regardless of where they are. MaGiC has democratized access to genetic counselling, enabling access to patients in rural locations through teleconsultation services. Today, Malaysians everywhere can reap the benefit of MaGiC and be more aware and better informed.”

Dr Mohamad Faiz, Consultant O&G, Hospital Tunku Jaafar, Seremban

2. Greater Knowledge

“Knowledge is power. Greater access to genetic counselling ensures more patients can make informed decisions on whether they actually need to undergo a genetic test. With so many genetic tests and offerings in the marketplace today, MaGiC continues to provide clear guidance and information that help patients make informed choices. MaGiC certainly helps filter through the noise!

Informed choices save lives.”

Dr Jamil Omar, Consultant Gynae-oncologist, National Cancer Institute

3. Better Protection of Family Members

“Since genetic risks can be passed on in families, MaGiC has enabled me to serve my patients and their families better. The impact of genetic counselling extends beyond the high-risk individual to their family members as well, helping them to take necessary action. As we all know, early detection saves precious lives!”

Dr Lim Chun Sen, Oncologist, Hospital Sultan Ibrahim, Johor
Through the MaGiC study, we’ve trained doctors from 23 hospitals across Malaysia to provide genetic counselling to ovarian cancer patients, resulting in an increase from 2% to 58% of patients accessing these services!

During the course of the MaGiC research study, we were able to provide free genetic counselling and genetic testing services. Unfortunately, we have also learnt that without this subsidy, many patients will not be able to access these services. Cancer Research Malaysia is on a mission to change that! By the end of 2022, we will be completing our budget impact study and producing a report on the impact of genetic counselling on the lives of Malaysian ovarian cancer patients. Equipped with this report, we plan to create a campaign to advocate for these services to be made available for all Malaysian ovarian cancer patients from 2023 onwards. 

Currently, 800 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year, and with your support, we could help ensure that each one of them, regardless of where they live, will have access to life-saving genetic counselling and genetic testing.

Join us today to ensure the fight against cancer doesn’t miss Asians, especially Malaysians. If you would like to support the work that we do, join us today to impact lives:

*For more background information on our MaGiC study, head over to our previous blog post HERE!


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