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Can soy prevent breast cancer?

We wanted to see if soy could act as a dietary intervention to prevent breast cancer.
So, we started The MiSO (Malaysian Soy Mammographic Density) Study.

1. Why soy? 

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Researchers have been studying the anti-cancer properties of soy since 1991. In countries such as Japan and China, normal soy isoflavone consumption is about 50-75mg/day (that translates to about 2 glasses of soybean milk a day). In these countries, women who consume the most amount of soy are least likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer compared to women who take little-to-no soy in their diet.

2. How soy might prevent breast cancer

High estrogen is a well-known risk factor for breast cancer after menopause. Soy contains 3 important isoflavones.

When released into the body, these soy isoflavones compete with natural estrogen and limits estrogen activity. This is just one of the ways which soy isoflavones could reduce breast cancer risk.

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3. The MiSO Study

MiSO or The Malaysian Soy Mammographic Density Study, is a breast cancer prevention study to determine whether women who consume soy have a lower risk of breast cancer.

We recruited more than 100 Malaysian women to be part of this study, and we aim to complete it by the end of 2021, so stay tuned for updates! (Kindly note that the MiSO Study is currently ongoing and recruitment to participate in this study is now closed.)

4. What do current participants say about the study?

“What I enjoy most about being part of The MiSO Study is the fact that it’s a study to reduce breast cancer cases, which my eldest sister is a survivor of. And I’ve always liked soya products to begin with; so to be part of this study is a good experience.” – Madam Chin

“I have deep respect for the ones who contribute directly for the well-being of others in the medical field. Being not from the medical field, my participation and involvement in this study is part of my small contribution towards health betterment.” – Madam Tan

This study could help us provide a simple solution to prevent breast cancer!

Support Cancer Research Malaysia to help us save lives through impactful research in Asians.

Learn more about Cancer Research Malaysia


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