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Malaysians do 100 #Burpees4Aida on Cancer Survivors Day​

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Meet Aida, a cancer warrior who is inspiring many people to do burpees for cancer research in Malaysia.​

1. Who is Aida? 

Photo courtesy of Aida

Aida was diagnosed with Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma, a rare form of salivary gland cancer in 2010 and has since been working with and supporting Cancer Research Malaysia on multiple cancer awareness campaigns. Aida was first diagnosed back in 2010 when she was only 24 years old. After undergoing two major back-to-back neck surgeries to achieve clean margin, six chemotherapy session, and 33 radiotherapy sessions, she defied the odds and has survived almost 10 years since then.​

In a recent annual checkup, Aida found there were masses in her left lung. A biopsy confirmed her cancer relapsed.

“I was devastated to learn about the prognosis, that even after almost 10 years, there were very little advancement and research done to cure Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma,” Aida said. “I cannot help but to feel helpless. But this time, I’m facing cancer with a mission!”

Video courtesy of Aida

2. What is #Burpees4Aida? 

#Burpees4Aida is a campaign kick-started by Aida in February 2020 to raise awareness and support for cancer research.

On Cancer Survivors Day (7 June 2020), Aida and other cancer supporters from Malaysia and around the world took on the virtual challenge to complete 100 #Burpees4Aida.

3. Why burpees? 

“A burpee is like a metaphor for life – when you get down, you get right back up; over and over again,” said Aida. She also chose to do 100 burpees because she wanted it to be an eye-catching yet achievable number.​

On Cancer Survivors Day, Aida rallied more than 150 participants to join #Burpees4Aida and raised RM16,104 for Cancer Research Malaysia!​

4. But what is Cancer Research Malaysia, and what do they do? 

Cancer Research Malaysia is the only non-profit ​organisation in Malaysia dedicated to saving lives ​through impactful research in Asians.

Why Asians? Most people don’t know that Asians​ make up almost half of the world’s cancer cases but are in less than 10% of the research. ​Our research has already led to the discovery and ​implementation of new and effective cancer ​prevention strategies and our priority is ensuring that Asians are not left out in ​the fight against cancer.​

Support Cancer Research Malaysia to help us save lives through impactful research in Asians.

Thank you, Aida and everyone who supported the ​
#Burpees4Aida challenge!

Photo courtesy of Aida

You have chosen to be extraordinary by choosing to help other cancer patients. We are inspired by your commitment and you are our heroes.

Learn more about Cancer Research Malaysia


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